whats the best cpu i can upgrade to in my dell inspiron 1525

I have just aquired a dell inspiron 1525 and would like to upgrade it as best I can, it only has 1g ram, it currenly runs vista 32 bit, whats the best cpu, ram etc I can upgrade it to? I know some would think its prob not woth it but I already have a v powerfull gaming pc and just wan to do this for some thing to do ;)
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  1. You can't upgrade the CPU on a laptop. Sorry to say.
  2. You may be able to upgrade the RAM. However, you will have to check what's compatible and what's not.
  3. KillerGamer said:
    You can't upgrade the CPU on a laptop. Sorry to say.

    I upgraded My Dell Inspiron 1525 to a T7700 2.4GHZ 4MB L2 800MHZ...... It diffinitly made it faster
  4. A Core 2 Duo Mobile T8300 @ 2.4 (Make sure its the socket P) and 4GB (2 x 2GB) of DDR2-667 which is PC2-5300 200 pin SO-DIMM's. Your basically looking to spend more making what would have been a top of the line computer 4-5 years ago than you would buying a new laptop descent quality laptop. Or the personal route I would go i find a refurb with an i5/i7, ~8GB DDR33, and Windows 7 and not 8. Then you pay the extra 80 bucks and you get the ext warranty through the retailer so if something breaks it usually just gets replaced in store.
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