Corsair 500w PSU Enough?

Yes -- another one of those threads.

See, I don't trust PSU calculators, and would prefer to ask you guys.

I'm going to be building my first rig shortly, which will consist of the followin' parts:
Sapphire HD7870 2GB
8GB Crucial Ballistix Smart Tracer RAM
Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB
FX6300 Black Edition 6 Core

Will a Corsair 500w PSU be sufficient, or will a OCZ ZS Series 650w be reliable enough?

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  1. A 500w PSU will be sufficient. Unless you're planning to overclock in the future, I'd recommend you to take a PSU with a higher wattage, and from a trusted manufactor like corsair.
  2. 500w should be sufficient but it'd be operating near the power supply's max load. If you want a little head room for future upgrades I'd go with the 650w however as I said a Corsair 500w psu would be sufficient.

    When operating at higher loads, the psu becomes louder if that doesn't concern you, it should be alright. Also I recommend this list to people purchasing power supplies.

    It needs a bit of updating but overall it provides the best idea.Let me now if you need help choosing a model.
  3. Are those your only options?
  4. Foldalot said:
    Are those your only options?

    No, they're not, it was just another choice found on Amazon for around the same price.
  5. Best answer
    Is CORSAIR CX600M 600W within your budget?

    500W will be enough, but you'd be more comfortable using at least 550W PSU. It'd have a better use of the 80+ efficiency.

    PS: here's a better PSU for the same price as CX600M
  6. CORSAIR rm650 is good one with gold graded wattage and enough for overclocking on that system as well... or else go for corsair 600+ watt supply any one you like (gold graded specific)
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