No Sound from Laptop Speakers, Headphones work - HP EliteBook 8570p

I have an HP EliteBook 8570p that is running Windows 7.

I made an addition to my host file and shortly thereafter the sound on my laptop stopped working. I have restored my computer back to four days ago, when I had sound, but no dice.

Here's what I've already done:
• Ensured the speakers are enabled & default
• Confirmed the device is working properly through Device Manager.
• Downloaded latest drivers from HP's website.
• Ran "Fix any problems" from Control Panel for Sound.
• Confirmed 'Laptop' is selected from the Volume Control Options
• All sound is turned up
• Headphones work

What could I be missing?

I appreciate any help I can get!

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  1. Repair the OS. Like reformatting but instead of format, repair it.
    If it will not still work then it is isolated on the hardware, consult the manufacturer or local technician.
  2. Thank you for your reply. Unfortuntaly I have no idea how to do that. Are you pretty confident that this will resolve it? IF so, Google Search, here I come!
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