USB to CAT5 Adapter and HDMI Splitter/Booster

Alright, so I won't go into the crazy details on what I'm trying to do; those are listed here

I just need some clarification on 2 things.
I have 4 old USB to CAT5 adapters that came with my old DirectTV cable service hardware. Could these be used on either end of a CAT5 Cable to make one super long USB Cable? I need it to run through my attic to another room.
USB - adapter - CAT5 - adapter - USB

I know that both USB and CAT5 can both carry electrical power. I'm thinking that the distance of everything combined would be 60-70 ft MAX. All I'm looking to plug in would be a mouse or USB game controller. Would I need some kind of power booster, or would the cords themselves be able to carry enough current that far?

I'm also thinking of using an HDMI Splitter/Booster. I want to plug 1 computer into 2 different TVs in 2 different rooms. I do not want dual display; I just need every screen to show the same main display. I am simply tired of hauling my compy back and forth between rooms. The splitter is - 1 Input 2 Output. I can't think of any reason why this should not work, especially since I won't even have both TVs on at the same time.
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  1. 60-70 feet over USB will not work.
  2. I know that USB in of itself can only go 5 meters, but there are a plethora of USB to CAT5 adapters on the market (including the ones that I own) that claim to be able to extend this length to 50 meters.
    Mine are not this brand, but are the same thing. Are all these gimmicks as far as advertised length goes then? (I know they work over short distances; I've seen them work)

    Or would I be better off going with something like this?
    Or is this a gimmick too?
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    No idea if they'd work or not. You'd have to try them.

    Bu the USB distance limit is based on getting a return signal within a specified period of time. Basic physics dictates that a signal can only travel so fast, no matter what repeater things you put in the middle.'d just have to try it.
  4. I guess I will simply have to try then. Thanks. :)
    If not, do you have any other suggestion at all? Any kind of wireless transmitter possibly?
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