msi z87 gaming gd-65 rear panel audio problem

my new msi gaming motherboard is giving me static when i plug into the rear audio jack i don't know what the problem is.
my rig is

cpu: 4670k stock cooler
motherboard: msi z87 gaming gd-65
ram: g.skill ripjaws x (2x8 gb) total 16gb
case: phanteks enthoo primo
gpu: gigabyte gtx 770 2gb
ssd: adata sx900 256gb
hdd: wd black 2tb\
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  1. if you used the driver from the driver disk you may try to download the latest drivers from msi eaven if its the same driver it may be better driver disk drivers can be flakey to install and most dont use them and get them fresh download..
  2. i downloaded it from the website do you think its a driver promblem or something rong with the mobo
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    never know could be the speakers? uninstall the sound drivers and boot up on the windows defult dreive and see if it stops if not try another speaker or headset ..
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