Can Sapphire HD7750 1gb DDR5 128bits run my pc?

I have 4 GB ram DDR2
Pentium Dual core e5200 2.90 ghz overclock
Source PowerLink 550 Watts.

i really wanna know if the video card will run on this system without issues the hd7750 far as i read is for low end pc and is not consume much power.
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  1. yes.
  2. You are good.
    A 500w psu can normally run a card as good as a R90270X or a GTX760.
  3. Yes you will be fine. HD 7750 will require max 75W to run on full load.
  4. Tnx all ,my procesor dual core will reduce this video card performance?
  5. Yes it will probably restrict the performance just a little bit as your CPU is old but you should be fine.
  6. Your CPU may bottleneck the GPU on modern games.
  7. Hmm that fine think i will be able to run Battefield 3 or Gta 4 on medium on 1440x 900 or 1280x800?if i can run fine on medium and this resolution is fine by me i just payed 70 $ on this card on my country.

    And by the way i wanna run Dota 2 and Counter GO normal those are the game i play at the moment those games will bottleneck my gpu?i get 6.5 score on win 7 64b my procesor.
  8. That was my thinking technically, and you would feel some lag on modern day games I hope, but you can play.
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