how much fps increase will i see between a 1600 mhz ram and a 1866 ram?

For gaming how much fps would i get from 16 gb 1600 mhz to 16gb 1866 mhz? say if im getting 50 fps on a certain game with 16gb of 1600 mhz, would the switch to 16gb 1866 mhz give me 5 fps or more?

My other parts is gonna be i7 4770k or maybe non k, gpu 780ti and i only plan to have 1 gpu and 1 monitor. Thanks!
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    lucky if you get <1% frame rate increase. Just buy the 1600mhz flavor (can always overclock it, if you're thinking of purchasing the K CPU version)
  2. Basically nothing including the 16gb of ram, rather get 8gb 1600Mhz, and save the cash to spend on something else
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