Which Trident x 16gb is right for me?

I'm an average user with no means to overclock.... right now. Will be using photoshop mainly with my new rig; as well as normal pc functions (movies streaming, office work, no gaming). Originally thought of getting the trident x 2400 c10 but the 1.65v has me a bit hesitant (first build so very green and by the book). My other option would be the trident x 1600 c7. With only a $5 difference in price, which would be a better, safer buy for my needs?

Thank you for the replies.

CPU: I7-4770K
SSD: 840 PRO 256GB
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    the 2400/10 are just fine - the 1.5 recommendation is aimed at the CPU at stock and for the recommended 1600 sticks - I generally recommend 1.5 for 1866 and below, for 2133 and up 1.6 to 1.65 is perfectly fine
  2. Thank you sir. I've read a few of your replies in other threads and you're pretty much the reason why I'm going trident x for my Haswell.
  3. I've tried a ton of stick on my mobo and other mobos I've built with and the Haswells seem to love the Tridents better than any others, especially the high freq ones, but basically the entire line is tightly timed and all are HP sticks...think you'll love 'em
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