Whats the best graphic card i can get to run AC4 in high with 60-40 fps.

I need a graphic card to run AC4 in high 60-40 fps (or crysis 3 in high with +40 fps).

My current Graphic Card: Geforce GT 630.

Country: Pakistan.

Budget: about $40-100 (i can go higher if required).

Ram: 4GB (if i need to upgrade my computers ram).

and the upgrade gotta be worth it.

Thanks in Advance :wahoo:.
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  1. As far as i know, AC4 frame rate "limitations" are caused more because of the lack of optimization than from lack of hardware power.
    Ubisoft has openly said that they are not bothered with much performance optimizations on PC because gamers can always "buy a better GPU".
    So if your main focus is improving AC4 gameplay, just forget about it and play something else.
    If you want to improve gaming experience in general (even if it means not reaching 60fps on AC4, but reaching it on other games), a gtx 760 or a hd 7870 should be enough.
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