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I need help fixing this BSOD i keep having each time when im 10 minutes into windows, the power died the other day when i was playing a game and since then the pc goes into BSOD and i dont know how to fix it. I have googled everything i can think of but nothing works...
-I have 2x4GB gaming ram, took them out and tested, working perfectly
-I have done a chkdsk and no errors were found
-every time I run memtest from windows my pc just restarts
*please help and much thanks*
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  1. try system restore and roll back your computer to a restore date just before the power outage and see if it goes ..
  2. Thanks, tried that but did not work :( I even tried installing windows all over again, win 7,win 8 and win 8.1, still no solution.
  3. and you reset or cleared the bios?
  4. Also did that, even updated the Bios
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    well as with me were the power is not too good and have lots of outages and sergages lighting, it is a risk everytime i fire up here .. you may just be out do you have onboard graphics to see if the vid card is to blame? also it may be the hd got bit by that .. with out having spair parts to swap and try your down to pulling at straws..
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