5 3/4 inch optical drives?

I just took apart a 2008 HP computer and removed two different optical drives. They seem to be connected with a Sata 2 cable. My question is can I use these optical drives with a z87 board to load an OS onto a hd?

I also removed a 4" Seagate hd, 750 gigs. It is labled as a Barracuda 7200.10, are they compatible with the Z87 chipset, using sata 2 cables?

I would be using the optical drive to load the OS onto a different drive than the one described.
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    SATA devices (and cables) are backwards and forwards compatible; so you will be able to connect your SATA optical drives and your SATA HDD to your Z87 motherboard with no problems.
  2. Its your ruler that broke. LoL
    Its 5.25" for optical drives and internal HDD's are 3.5" while laptop drives are 2.5"
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