Bad vibe about NZXT and there customer support

bought a case(NZXT LEXA S) for my gaming setup and the left strip LED went faulty and got it replaced and now my replacement case has done the same thing and the LED just doesn't come on at all so i contacted them and got no reply so i contacted them again to maybe get some help and maybe a replacement front panel but I've heard nothing back from them so it just feels like they don't even care about or even want to deal with people cause i'm not the only one they've ignored so far but its really disappointing that they do this and what should i do now?:??:
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  1. write a nasty review and hope they notice it
  2. hmm maybe but i've heard that other people have done that and sill they get nothing back from them and if they do they are told they will get a replacement and are still waiting for it 6 months down the line so i might just take it back to the retailer which is a ball ache cause its one hell of a travel to get there :/
  3. Right now the CSR team is extremely backed up due to the Holidays and they will get to you ASAP.

    We are a really small team that deals with the Support tickets.

    PM you information and I will get it looked at.
  4. they contacted me back telling me the Europe service team was moving so i now understand why it was taking them so long plus what deadpool now told me just backs it up even more so sorry for the unfair comment which were made its just very stressful and a member of the customer support is now speaking with me but thanks for the help and information deadpool
  5. I feel for you guys in the UK region right now. We are working on getting everything taken care of for Europe right now.
  6. yeah i was told Europe service team will be all up and running by February which is a bit away
  7. Yep... we are going as fast as we can.
  8. i appreciate everything you's guys do to help your customers plus its good that they have online reps like you to help people beyond the actual nzxt website its self
  9. Thanks for the nice words. We do our best each and everyday.
  10. its alright, but ive always wondered how do you actual get a job as an online rep such as your self or to actually work at nzxt?
  11. I applied and got hired.
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