GTX 590 vs GTX 760 vs GTX 670 FTW

Ok so I have the following options:

- a 590 with a nice water block (I have a custom loop) for $260

- a 670 FTW with a nice waterblock for $250

- or buying a new ASUS GTX760 off amazon for $260

I have a phenom ii x6 1090t and will upgrade to an 8320 in the future, and my powersupply is a tx650. 8gb of ram at 1333mhz but can push up to 1600 or so if I want i believe. Gonna be playing modded skyrim so the 590's 1.5gb of vram is a turn off a bit, BF4, crysis 3 on lower settings is fine, GTA V when it comes out, dayz, maybe having two monitors but only ever gaming on one.

Which do you guys think is the best option? Also, the 590 doesn;t have the shadowplay feature that would be very useful to me since I upload gameplay onto youtube!

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    Id say the GTX 670 - it will perform slightly better than the 760 and already has the waterblock on it... As for the gtx 590 it reqs a min power supply of 700w so you might be pushing it with your 650w psu.
  2. yea I'm thinking the same thing. I wish I had an excuse to spend a but more on the asus 770, but I think I should probably stick to the 670 for now :)
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