Premiere pro, AMDs New r series or Cuda?

I recently upgraded to

Fx 8350
8 gig ddr3 1600mhz ram

I have a gtx 650 ti with 1 gig gddr5 ram.

I want to upgrade the card and known that Cuda cores make a huge difference in my encoding.

I ran a little test and using the Mercury engine it shot my cpu to around 65 c and rendered forever vs a render with Cuda engine which kept the cpu around 52c and tool around 1/4 the time.

So how do the new r7 and r9 amd cards hold up in premiere pro?

I ask because I returned a lower end 6000 series amd card which did nothing at all to accelerate real time effects in premiere and did not see any encoding increases.

Strangely other programs like cyberlink love amd cards.. But i love premier an that's what I use.

I game but that isn't my real reason to upgrade. I a future proof solution that will play games and allow me to have a better experience with premiere pro through at least the second half of 2015.
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  1. I would say wait until march .... nvidia making a new Generation of cards soon .. see whats your options ...

    as for now i would not go amd ... the cards prices are too high for their value because of mining
  2. Okay. If i put a second card in as an sli setup I guess that would be $100 solution
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    Cs6 and earlier versions' mpe only support cuda. The 650ti should not have had gpu acceleration unless you manually added it to the list which is obviously marked cuda. CC added support for opencl so you can use either and they are pretty close in terms of price to performance if amd cards were their normal prices right now. CC also adds multi gpu support, any version before only uses 1 card when encoding. You do not need to be in sli or cf. You can even use different gpus.

    Here's some benchmarks.
  4. Thanks k1114

    One reason I lean towards an amd card... Well my amd seems to be making strides with gaming. Today I just learned about their api (name escapes me) for streamlining performance and I can see a future where multi platform console games are written with this in mind to hit a broader range of pc user and appeal to a more mass market.

    Maybe I'm out of my mind though. Still if battlefield 4 starts a trend maybe it'll be interesting.

    The cost for performance is also always better with amd for a user like me.
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