Does my motherboard support a case speaker?

This is my motherboard,
GIGABYTE GA-F2A88XM-HD3 FM2+ / FM2 AMD A88X (Bolton D4) HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 Micro ATX AMD Motherboard.
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  1. i dont know but it should state in the manual if it has the pin spot for that i dont ever think i seen a board that did not take a system speaker..
  2. No, I looked everywhere for it. I'm troubleshooting and I need to be able to listen for errors. What do motherboards use if they don't have motherboard speakers a.k.a system alert speaker?
  3. should have a speaker built on the board or a spot [usealy along the edge in a row of pins] for a case speaker. being a giga board it should be there i'll try to look my self..
  4. seems you may be right i am thinking whats up with that ? you know i was looking at asus new z87 boards and ther missing things on them to that i still use like the com port rs-232 header. and droped them from my want list ...must be a trend... odd i'll look one more time
  5. Yeah, my computer won't boot. I cannot tell if my motherboard is DOA or if my cpu is not working....It would of been nice if my motherboard came with a little outdated technology like the mobo speaker to help me detect what is going on. :/
  6. ya that dont add up. and these things are what i am seeing.. i joined up here to see what folks are having lots of issues with and little things like what you have here.. my last build was a joke i never seen anything like it so i figured i would troal and weed things out looks like everything nowadays is cheap no thought through it out there with out testing china junk. you buy it and if it works your good if it dont to bad so sad.. but you now gave me somthing else to be looking at i've done weeded out asus and now i need to go back and look this over on the boards that dont have the error code display on them..
    ya your deal is not good and i would of never thought that there was no way to check errors. yup dumb. this is a first for me.
  7. Yeah, I don't know what to do :?
  8. write them some hate mail or do a bad review at newegg i dont know what to say..
  9. heres wht i would say get with the guys you bought the board from tell them about what is going on and how it gives you no way to trobleshoot due to no nothing it dont boot bla bla bla and see if you get your money back or swap for another board that made for someone to work with... more i think if it was me i'd be getting pissed... or just do the best you can to resolve the issue and run it ...
  10. Does it power up to the BIOS screen? On the new motherboards it will show the UEFI screen where you can see the CPU and RAM info. Then check the storage menu to see if any SATA devices are connected, which might cause the no boot.
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