boot drive not seen after changing and gpu to nvidia gpu

i bought an evga geforce gtx 760 to replace my his hd 7750. i first uninstalled the catalyst drivers, rebooted, and turned off the comp. then i swapped the old card for the new one. when i boot up the screen says "Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press any key". going into my bios, my system only recognizes my blu ray drive, but not either of my 2 internal drives. any suggestions?

asus sabertooth 990fx
amd 8350 cpu w/ arctic cooler
g skill 16gb mem
ocz 1250w psu
kingston hyper x 128gb ssd <-- c drive
seagate 3tb hard drive
asus blu ray disc drive
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  1. Check your BIOS for possible conflicts on resources between the GPU and the SATA adapter on the mobo.
  2. thanks for the response. i'm looking at each sata connection and the 2 connections to the internal drives show as "Not Present", whereas the blu ray connection shows.
    i'm confused: conflicts on resources? meaning not enough voltage? the gpu is clicked in the mobo pci-e slot with sufficient power plugged. i double checked that all sata connections are still good.
  3. Some BIOS setups allow you to assign resources to specific items (i.e. PCIe cards) that could be assigned to the SATA connectors. Since the BlueRay works - try swapping connections of the hard drive to the blue ray and see if a hard drive is seen (the blue ray should disappear).
  4. so i switched sata plugs and the screen now shows "The current BIOS setting do not fully support the boot device." going into the bios, none of the drives are recognized now.
  5. If you remove the GPU - do the drives reappear?
  6. no they don't. i just popped the old gpu back in and now the same drives don't appear anymore.
  7. so, i don't think that both hard drives are going to stop working at the same time, so the problem seems to be either the connections or the mobo itself. the mobo is running the other parts just fine (it can still see the blu ray drive) so then the connections are to blame? everything is plugged in correctly, so what now?
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    I am going to guess that the power connection to the hard drives was bumped - it could even be a molex splitter to the drives. Check the connections from the hard drive back to the mobo - and hard drive back to the PSU to make sure they are seated properly.
  9. thank you ronintexas. i am embarrassed that this was the solution after all, but relieved it wasn't anything serious with the hardware. the two drives are plugged in by the same molex cord from the psu, and that got unlatched on the psu side (thus taking out both drives at the same time). quite embarrassing, but thanks a ton.
  10. It happens :-) Once I fussed with a computer for hours....replaced 3 PSUs only to discover that the power strip was turned off.....
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