Trying to figure out which graphics card

For streaming and recording games from battlefield 4 to minecraft .

AMD Radeon R9 270X DDR5 2G

AMD Radeon HD 7870 2GB

Better bet?
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  1. R9 270x if price isnt an issue
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  3. They're practically the same card (same core chip), the R9 270X is just clocked a little higher.
    Price is the only realistic way to separate them.
    Or you could look at the stock R9 270 and try to overclock it to the 'X' speed. ;)
  4. :P or he could take the 270x and overclocked it to a close-to 280 speed
  5. ^ Won't make up for the R9 280s better chip, though.
  6. Still.......unless u are on an budget OP i dont see why u would take the r9 270 instead of the X version, i may be wrong tho but thats my opinion
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