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Hello guys,

I'm wondering if you can give me some ideas for parts that I can buy for my new system.

The parts that I need:
Cpu, psu, gpu, ram, hdd, optical drive, motherboard, windows 8 or 7 and maybe a cooler.

I also need to buy a monitor but for the next few months my fairly old monitor does the job.

I'm 15 year olds and my budget is around 700 dollars.

I'm not a hardcore gamer but I am playing LoL and maybe will buy Battlefield 4 and/or FarCry 3.

Can you help me choosing pc parts?


Edit: I also need to buy a keyboard and mouse. They don't have to be very fancy but also not the cheapest.
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  1. Location
    Do you need a monitor and keyboard
  2. Yes, sorry that I didn't include that in my post.
  3. USA or other country
  4. I actually live in the Netherlands, but thought I would make it easier to give my budget in dollars.
  5. How does this look to you?
  6. Hm, is the gtx 650 good for gaming?
  7. It will work like magic in LoL, but for Battlefield 4 it is on the low end. With a $700 budget while trying to include a Monitor/keyboard/mouse/OS, it's hard to do better.
  8. Oh, thanks for the response btw. What is your opinion of swapping the 650 with a r7 260x? I searched for the price of 650 and 260x and it's about the same.
  9. You'd actually probably be better off with the r7 260x, it's a little bit better mad has more RAM.
  10. And* not mad. Sorry, on an iPad mini :p
  11. Oh wait, that's a 650 Ti. It wouldn't really matter if you kept he 650 Ti or the r7 260x, but I would probably go for the r7 260x out of the 2 since it has 2gb RAM as opposed the the 650 Ti's 1gb
  12. Either one will serve you we'll :)
  13. I'm actually considering buying this but the problem is, I think is that I maybe game for 1 or 2 years and then stop. Then it would be a waste of money (in my opinion) because at home we have a good working iMac that I use.
  14. Well if you are planning on playing Battlefield 4, then the iMac won't be enough. Also, that build isn't anything too extreme, after you are done gaming then the worst thing that can happen is that you have a nice desktop computer! The choice is yours of course
  15. Haha, I totally agree with that. The whole system is about 700 dollar (which is 515€) and I now have about 450€. My birthday is in March so I have to wait a month or 2.

    Do you know if there are any parts that could be better for a little bit more money?
  16. So you're saying if you have something like a 850$ budget? After your birthday, I don't know how much money you would get, but we could definitely do some upgrades with more money, just tell me the estimated amount! :)
  17. Haha, I think that in the end of March (30th of March it's my birthday) my budget will be around 850 dollar yes.
  18. Okay, with that budget I was able to come up with this
  19. Hey, sorry for no response (it was already 4am in the Netherlands at that time). I tried to pick those parts from a local webshop in our country and made some change to it. This is the pcpartpicker list which is about the same as the parts in the Netherlands:
  20. That raised the price, if you have that type of budget, then you could also do this, I do recommend the Intel build. Do you still want to keep it under $800-850?
  21. Sorry, I do not know what you mean. My budget is still about 850 dollars but when choosing parts in the Netherlands it's always a bit more expensive.
  22. Oh, so it costs too much in the Netherlands? Do you need something cheaper?
  23. No but if you make a list on pcpartpicker for about 850 dollar it eventually becomes around 850 euro or even more because here in the Netherlands we don't have some parts so I have to change them with other ones and then it becomes automatically more expensive.

    A list for about 850 dollar is good. My friend named me some parts and this is his list that he told me:
    He said that if I would take a 600w psu I could OC my processor later on.
  24. That list is over $1000, don't you want under $850? I can find something more affordable if you need.
  25. It would indeed be nice if it was all together under $1000. But I don't know if you could make a list with a r9 270 included.
  26. Best answer
  27. Hey,
    Thanks for all the information you gave me! These are (for now) the parts that I'm going to buy (in March) 1032 dollar (758 euro).
    If there are any new parts that are cheaper and/or better or if there are any parts on sale you can let me know if you want because I'm going to buy all of it in the end of March or maybe even later than that.

    Thanks again!
  28. Okay, just be careful with that because "Some AMD 970 chipset motherboards may need a BIOS update prior to using Vishera CPUs."

    No problem, don't forget to choose the best answer!

    P.S. If you can save up $40-50 more you can get a better graphics card like the GTX 760 or the R9 270X
  29. Thanks for the best answer tip!

    Do you know how to do that bios update for the motherboard?

    Yeah I could save up some money for upgrading the 270 to a 270x or 760.

    Thanks again for the usefull information :)
  30. "Some AMD 970 chipset motherboards may need a BIOS update prior to using Vishera CPUs."

    You might not even need to. You could also avoid it by just choosing a non AMD 970 chipset motherboard, like this:

    If you do buy an AMD 970 chipset motherboard and it does need a bios update, then you can make a post on the tomshardware motherboard forum. There people will be able to help
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