old gaming rig needs help

Hello to all of you and thank you for your help in advance,
So Im currently running an old rig consisting of:

cpu: intel e6750 2.66ghz
gfx: nvidia 8800gts512mb
ram: 2x1gb corsair ballistix DDR2 pc6400
mobo:gigabyte p3 ds3l
psu:corsair 520hx 520w
case:antec 900

Basically, my psu is slowly dying out so i wanted to go ahead and update my rig a little. Im still running windows xp (dont laugh :p) so i wanted to upgrade to windows 7 and upgrade some components.

I was wondering if it would actually be worth it to add another 8800gts 512 and like 2 more gigs of ram? is it possible to get a more recent cpu with my current mobo? or am i just wasting money and i should wait until i have more money to upgrade mobo + cpu?
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    It's not possible for that mobo to be used with a recent CPU. Wait till you get more money then upgrade your mobo and cpu. If you are on a budget get a fx 6300 with the mobo of the Asrock Pro 3
  2. EcoMCG is right. You will be better off, have less problems and hassels, and end up with a better performing computer by saving a bit more and completely rebuilding.
    I had to do this almost two years ago, and the difference in performance was amazing; DDR3 is faster, the CPU's are faster and have better instructions, the video cards are 9-10 times more powerful, and the mobo chipsets are more feature rich.
  3. I agree with both guys above
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