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I have an AMD A8 6600K stock speed . I want to buy a new cooler for this CPU . What cooler do you recommend between Zalman CNPS9700 NT and Thermaltake Contac 21. I know , that Zalman is an old cooler but in his glory days it was high-end, one of the most expensive coolers (around 100$) with great performance. Now i can buy it with 30$ , like Thermaltake Contac 21. I have only this options in my country in this price range, so i dont need another recommendations , just tell me wich one is better : that zalman or thermaltake . Honestly i like Zalman CNPS9700 NT more than thermaltake contac 21 but i have doubt because zalman was used to cool older cpu-s and i dont know how will this works with newer and hotter CPU.
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    I would go for the Zalman.
  2. ewok93 said:
    I would go for the Zalman.

    I just bought the Zalman cooler . Its very good . In games like battlefield 4 using the integrated graphics from 70 73 degrees with stock cooler to 45 48 degrees with Zalman CNPS9700 NT at max 1300 RPM , silent .
  3. Nice.
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