ASUS M5A97 R2.0 updating BIOS using BIOS Flashback button on motherboard

Variations of this question have been asked before and solved, however there are some things I'm still no clear on,

I'm doing my first build in a long time. I have the ASUS M5A97 mobo with an fx 6300 and an SSD for boot drive. On initial out of case \ breadbox test everything worked and it booted to POST perfectly - without the SSD installed. This is my first time with an SSD so I'm kinda nervous about getting this right. Should I flash before installing the SSD and Win 7? Or just go ahead, boot, see how it goes and if all is well, update BIOS after through the BIOS interface on screen. I'm built in case now and ready to go with SSD installed but haven't powered on yet.

Also on ASUS website
under Support>Drivers & Tools there are several categories. I'm not sure which of the files I'm supposed to download and rename in order to use the BIOS flashback button if I go that route. Is it just Support>Drivers & Tools>BIOS and then the most recent file named M5A97 BIOS 1605 ? It's for Win 7 64 bit.
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    Do not update the BIOS, taking into account that the system does work.
    Now, to answer the question: since the board does POST, the safest way is using EZ Flash in BIOS (download the latest file, unzip and save it on a USB drive, then just use the utility in BIOS).
    The link is
    for R2.0
    With Flashback is similar, but, don't start the board, save the file on a FAT formatted USB drive, rename it to M5A97R20.CAP, connect the drive to the Flashback port nd press the button for 3 sec.
  2. Thanks alexoiu, I'll just go ahead and if I run into any problems I'll post back here.
  3. You're welcome.
  4. btw alexoiu I've read your other posts on this issue as well. You've mentioned identifying the mobo by the last four digits on the sticker. Mine is 1903. So in the event I needed to update, if the BIOS update # on the ASUS site is lower than the mobo number, would I then assume I'm already up to date, as this mobo has no update released, or am I seeing the issue incorrectly?
  5. You've checked a different model (not R2.0). Here's the link:
    The latest version is 2103, but I suggest not updating the BIOS.
  6. Thx, no I won't. I just wanted to clarify that and I'm glad I did. I was indeed looking at the wrong model. I'll go ahead now without doing it.
  7. alexoiu, it booted up no prob, and it recognizes the SSD correctly in BIOS. However, I want to make sure it is set to AHCI, and I can't find any kind of SATA control for drives. It looks liek info only. I switched to advanced mode and still find nothng. It's like a neutered version of BIOS. Any idea where I'd find it? Or is it in AHCI by default?
  8. OK sorry for the multiple posts, but I've found it.
  9. No problem. How's it running?
  10. So far so good. I just installed windows, no probs. I haven't loaded any drivers or anything yet so that's next. I just quickly checked the Windows WEI and got a drive rating of 7.9! Processor 7.5 (FX 6300) and RAM 7.4 (DDR 3 1600 cl8), but the vid card only showed up as 1.0! It's a 650 Ti Boost SC edition so yah, that's not right yet. It's working, gives me full 1080, fan's going, but just not set up properly yet. This is my first SSD (Kingston Hyper X 120Gb) and I can't believe the difference over mechanical drives. Wowzah, they're fast! The CPU temp seems to be sitting at a steady 36c which seems a little high but I need to load a better temp program to get a more accurate reading. Also the temp in my place right now is probably about 26 to 28 c - it's cold winter here, my apt is not well insulated, so baseboards are kicking in pretty constant. It's hard to regulate a constant stable temp in my place.

    So would you now suggest updating mobo through EZ Flash in BIOS, or leave it?

    Also re my earlier question ... when checking for BIOS updates on mobo, if it is 1903 version, would you only do that update first then the latest, or just go straight to the latest?
  11. If updating, use EZ Flash in BIOS and just go straight to the latest. Usually, you don't get better performance by a BIOS update. It is mostly meant to address compatibility issues. And since all components work fine on your board...
  12. Thanks for all your help alexoiu!
  13. You're welcome. Good luck!
  14. hey - how do i save the current bios in pen drive ? how to do ti - plz - help - i want to save my current bios before upgrading to new bios -
  15. alexiou, I love you so much, you just probably just saved me money by not having to send my computer to get repaired. Thanks so much, you rock <3
  16. Hey does this board support linux and do you have to update bios ? Asus M5A97 R2.0
  17. Very Thank you for this Thread and alexoiu. You made my day with the correct name for the cap.
  18. I have the same motherboard do someone know if I can safely try to mod my bios with this feature ? I don't want to break my mobo lol
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