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So im going to get the new ps4 when i get the money and I was wondering about the gamertag/id whatever its called. Will it cost money to change it the first time? or will it be free the first time like the xbox 360 was? And if it is like the xbox was, will you be able to change it again afterwards for free? Like, will you be able to change it as many times as you want without paying? I know with xbox you do but ps4 is a completely different company and all that. So.. Ya Any help would be helpful :D
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  1. Sony does not offer name changes at all. If you want a new name, you have to make a new online account.
  2. When you make your playstation account for the first time. You get to set your name. It can be whatever you want but you will not be able to change it after that. I havent seen any paid option to change it either. But it is free to make a new one so a lot of people i know have done that if they want a new name.
  3. ok so dont have a sony account yet. So lets say i make an account when i get a ps4 and play all the games and stuff and earn achievements. now if i make a new account, will all the game data be reset and all i would have to re-add all of my friends?
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    You will have to re add all friends, re do all saves for multiplayer etc.
    Single player data stays with your account but anything that is linked with the online account is lost in a switch.
  5. ok thanks! can u suggest some badass names? I am not very creative with names :D
  6. The only ones I know of are INSURJENZ_DEATH (Dont try that one, as it is mine)
  7. OK : ) thanks again!
  8. My advice, is get something that you can live with for a long time. Don't get something that you think is funny now but won't like in a few years. Avoid topical stuff unless you plan on changing your account because nobody wants the username FurbyLover99.
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