Need new BIOS on Asrock P67 extreme 4

I just built a new computer and i have an i7 CPU which apparently cant be used to update the BIOS. How do i update the BIOS so i can use my processor? Im told it is on the 1.6 version of the BIOS.
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  1. If your motherboard is new stock, it should have a late enough bios to work.
    Have you tried it?
    What cpu are you installing, and what is the bios on the motherboard you have?
    It would appear that the latest bios is 3.10 dated 5/23/2012
  2. There should be a sticker on the board's BIOS chip. What's the BIOS version printed there?
  3. yeah the board has 1.6 BIOS currently and my cpu is an i7. Sticker says 1.6 and the cpu needs atleast 3.1 i need a way to jump my BIOS to what i need
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