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Wired connection - OK, but wireless between the same hardware - isn't. Why??

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January 3, 2014 5:19:02 PM

Typical wired home network, 3 PCs running XP pro, Synology NAS drive which is mapped so any PC can see it and use files on it. I also got HP laptop which also works fine if I plug ethernet cable in it and other end of cable - into the router other PCs, networked printers and NAS are plugged into.

But, if I try to acces NAS over wireless from very the HP same laptop, it can't see my network name. Wired - no problem. Wireless link - nothing. In browsing networks window my network name is not even listed. But It appears thee as soon as I plug in ethernet cable instead of WiFi.

How is it possible? If wired connection always works, this means all OS related network settings (permissions, etc) are fine. A WiFi just replaces a piece of wire with wireless version of it, in theory computers shouldn't even know/care if data/authentication moving through a wire get converted to a radio link and back in the middle...

The same settings are used as far as network names, etc. I just switch from wired to wireless. No luck. I can go on the internet over WiFi, no problem, but not on my own network...

So why wired setup works but wireless to the same hardware with the same computers doesn't??

Thanks in advance,


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January 5, 2014 9:56:06 PM

Yes, it is as depicted on the picture in the article you supplied the link to. The only difference is
my router (Netgear) is not wireless as shown there, but I rather have Linksys access point
connected to this router by a regular network cable.

I suppose that's what you call "network set to home". It's physically in my home, no public
networks, not a business. In essence just all the hardware I have (incl. wireless access point,
NAS and Comcast cable modem is plugged into the router.

So if I try to connect to this network through the assess point, "Browsing networks" shows nothing.
If I connect by a cable plugged into the router, everything is fine, I can see all devices, can map NAS disks,

I can go to the interned through the access point, but it is slower when this point is plugged into the router
that if it's plugged directly to the additional LAN port on the cable modem (there atre 3 ports on it).

Looks like wireless link settings prevent seeing the network, but this is just my guess. Can security settings
or something in Linksys wireless point make network hardware inaccessible (but the internet is OK!) ?
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January 10, 2014 8:12:38 PM

On the link above were the red circle, is the word "home", "work" or "Public" used.

Windows has network profiles that disable network discovery. If your network profile is set to "home" on wifi card it should automatically configure itself to see NAS.

Also you could check to see if print and file sharing is enabled on wifi card
Link below

Maybe its in the wrong work group, that unlikely becase it work directly connected to router.
January 10, 2014 8:29:56 PM

victor336v said:

Looks like wireless link settings prevent seeing the network, but this is just my guess. Can security settings
or something in Linksys wireless point make network hardware inaccessible (but the internet is OK!) ?

Yes, firewall rules can be the problem. What type/program are u using for a firewall?

Also, the router can be configure to block network discovery. I am unfamiliar with cisco/linksys router you have. If you telnet into router and click through all the tabs, look for the word isolation. On my netgear 3400v2 router its a little check box under wireless setting.

January 14, 2014 2:42:22 PM

Thanks oct, I'll try to look ar wireless settings. Weird thing is it use to work (network discoverable) but at some point it stopped without changing anything in wireless setup (other than having to reboot the Linksys access point a few times and it defaults to stricter "no discovery" settings although no one asked it to). I use Kaspersky antivirus software (and it has a firewall function, so windows built in firewall is disabled) on all my machines, but again, if very same machines are connected with wire, firewall doesn't mind seeing network through it, but if section of wire is replaced with wireless equivalent, suddenly unchanged firewall settings are no longer allow discovery. I think I'm failing to realize that wireless portion of network is not only replacing "inconvenience" of wired one, but it inevitably introduces its own rules and security settings for just wireless function, so those extra settings are the problem. Is this correct? I just assumed, fundamentally a wireless link replaces wired one just like wireless door bell replaces wired one - same outcome (bell rings) but no additional security settings are needed or get in a way unless *user asks for them*.