Help Overclock Dual Core E5200 2.50 GHZ

I wanna overclock this procesor,i own a 550 wats powerlink source 4 gb ddr2,and Asus motherboard model g31m-s.Tnx in advice.I want some advice how far i can go with it and be safe.
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  1. As far as your temperatures allow you to.
  2. Can u give me some advice temperatures on idle are like 30-35C,i + only FSB from 200 to 240 and now is from 2.50 ghz to 3.0 ghz,i dont know where to find vcore voltage on bios i dont think i have the option to lower or increase this.Is ok what im doing?
  3. You might have voltage set to "Auto". Setting it to manual will allow you to change it.

    Those temperatures are still very good. The max temperature you would ever want to sustain is 80Celsius.

    Also beware that overclocking the FSB will overclock your ram as well. If you have the option to overclock using a multiplier, that option would only affect your CPU.
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