Will stock HSF do if I don't plan on overclocking?

I am wondering if I need a CPU cooler if I don't plan on overclocking my cpu. Can I get away with stock HSF?

Once I get warranty filled for a defective core i3 CPU I will be getting a replacement. My socket type is 1155. It so happens I like to play online games like The Secret World, DOTA 2, and strategic games like Civilization etc.

What CPU cooler would you recommend if I do need one? I have tried Phanteks ph-TC 120dx and I was not impressed by it.

Instructions seemed poorly written and thought out. Assembling and configuring it was such a headahce that I plan on RMA-ing it.
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  1. No you don't. Only consider a change if it breaks down or you want a more silent solution.
  2. Yes you can go with the stock HSF. but do mind that it is really really loud.
  3. There's something to be said for being deaf rl. :D
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    Depends what you want to do ..... things have changed.....a few generations back you could run a top CPU at stock speeds on the stock heat sink and all is well.... not no more....not the way the new chips are designed.

    Take a typical 4770k w/ a stock heat sink and try and run OCCT with a shutdown point of will shut down in 3 - 5 minutes. Id accept the argument that OCCT is a very demanding benchmark and therefore not representative of "real world" applications..... so download and give RoG Real Bench a shot. "Real Bench" is a suite of four applications which includes image editing, video encoding, OpenCL and heavy multitasking.

    If you are routinely doing any of those four on your puter, I think the test will show you that a aftermarket cooler is a good investment.

    What you get for a cooler is dependent on where you wanna go and what you are willing to spend .... I generally have four different cooling solutions which users can select from....

    $ Custom Water Loop (no AIO / CLC stuff)
    $75 - Phantes PH-TC14-PE, Thermalright Silver Arrow or Noctua DH-14
    $50 - CM Hyper 612m Scythe Mugen 3 (both out of production and nuthin as yet stepped in to replace)
    $30- CM Hyper 212

    Here's the numbers,15.html
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