SSD + HDD partitioning?

I will soon build my rig and I have an issue. I have a 128GB SSD and a 1TB HDD. I have no idea how I should partition them, so are there any suggestions? I will been using my SSD as a boot drive and put some often used softwares as well as some games on it and plan to use some of it for SSD caching.

My plan for now:
C: boot drive (SSD)
D: Softwares and games (SSD)
E: Mass storage (HDD)

I've also heard about some emergency partitions? Do I need them?

P.S. Am I supposed to use the default space windows give me during the first boot for the partitions?

Thanks in advance
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  1. Your initial plan is pretty much it.

    SSD for OS and applications, and 'maybe' a game or two
    Games/music/video on the HDD

    Have only the SSD installed when you install Windows. Let it use the whole drive.
    After everything works, connect the HDD and continue installing applications.

    Don't try to use part of the SSD for cache.
  2. Install the OS to the SSD and allow it to use the entire space (that's the default). This will leave you with around 90GB of space for commonly used applications such as your browser, Steam (commonly used games only), productivity software, etc... put everything else on the HDD including a second Steam library for less IO intensive games.
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    I'd suggest installing the SSD ONLY and installing windows...and all drivers, necessary apps.

    Then Id yank the SSD data cable, make a 128GB partition and do it all again. This way if ya SSD goes south, you can still access ya machine while ya wait for replacement.

    Then I reconnect the SSD on lowest numbered SATA port, designating that as boot drive and put HD on 2nd lowest, skip one and optical on last. (allows for addition of more SSD / HD space)

    Boot machine to SSD, go into Disk management and:

    1. Change Optical to Z:\
    2. Change the 128 GB on HD tp Y:\
    3. Then create partitions on the free space left on the HD as you see fit based upon ya needs and in oirder of what ya want to be the fastest.....say:

    D:\ Games 512GB
    E:\Programs 128GB
    F:\Data and Backups whats left
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