GA-EP35-DS3R + Q9550 OC Help

CPU: C2Q Q9550
RAM: 3x2GB DDR2 PC-6400 (400Mhz)
HSF: DeepCool ICEEDGE MINI FS (Cheap CPU Cooler) [2Fans]
GPU: Palit GeForce® GTX 460 Sonic Platinum


(About the first Picture, it's on 3Ghz but has a Prime95 error, See Pic below)

I just want to overclock my Q9550 to 3.0Ghz. That's all! The question is?

Do I need to increase/decrease Voltage to achieve this overclock?

3ghz OC (voltage) [Auto]
Core1 temperature reach 74 degrees. And I was scared so I stopped Prime95.

3ghz OC (voltage) [1.10xxx] - I think?
And then I got a 64 degrees max temp (100% load)
Prime 95 Got an error:

So what should I do?? Do I need to set something? or what? I already Disabled the things that conflicts the OC like C1E , Intel SpeedStep , etc etc..

I just want a simple OC because they said GTX460 is bottleneck on a Clock speed of 2.xxghz. 3Ghz they said is fine.

So Thanks !
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  1. Your voltage is too low for that clock speed. Increase it SLOWLY. Go to 1.25v. Run Prime95 for 2 hours.
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  2. I'm on 1.20v for 2 days, but haven't tested prime95 for an hour. When playing Dota2 , I'm getting about 69°C core1 max. BF3 I think it reaches 72°C? So do you think I should still go on 1.25v that you recommend ? Because Intel said for Q9550 TCASE = 71.4°C, so increasing voltage = increasing temp too right?
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    Voltage means temps, so you need to add more airflow, get some better ventilation, a better cooler maybe. Your computer should shut itself off at 80 degrees, and unless you use it 24/7, you can let Prime95 go for hours until it crashes or your temps max out. To have it stable, you need to increase voltage, to increase voltage, you need better cooling.
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  4. so what cooler do you recommend for a Q9550? the cheap one.
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  5. I use a table fan half sliced and connected to a 3 pin extension near sockets with wet hay aroud it this stops temperature from heating and my idle temp is 22 ° with wet hay and without it 45° and if u wanna go for clasic good looking cooler buy hyper 212 evo and a good heat sinc
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