Do i need to buy window 7 again?

My motherboard was defected had to return it already use a brand new window on it only got to use it for 3 days before i return it. Just recieve my new motherboard. DO i have to buy a new one. Someone told me i can call Microsoft and get it re-activated again . Is that true if it is can someoen provide me with the number i can call them with. Thank you so much
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  1. You shouldn't have buy it again.

    You should be able to activate it again by automated phone once you go to try and activate it again; It will give you a number to dial and that automated phone will tell you numbers to enter in after you've let the autophone know what numbers are on your screen.

    If that does not work after doing the automated, it will transfer you to a representative to speak with and you'll have to explain to them what happened. they should just deactivate the previous installation on your old motherboard and give you numbers to enter on the screen while they are on the phone
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