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Today I got a Seidon 240m for my computer as a replacement cooler. I was going to hook it up in a Push Pull configuration in a HAF XB Evo case.

I ran into one problem thought the video card I have (Gigabyte Windforce GTX 770) is a tad to long to allow one of the standard 25mm thick 120 fans to fit. I ended up adding a 120 to one side of the radiator in a pull configuration while leaving the other side empty in just a push configuration.

My question is should I get another low profile fan for the other side of the radiator or is that a waste of time?

Will there be any issues running the radiator in a push push pull configuration?

The fans I have been able to find that are lowprofile are linked bellow.

Thanks guys like always for all the help.
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    Depends on how high of an overclock you want. The 240mm radiator is going to be more than enough for most overclocks, so while you'll only have either a push or pull fan, it's still more than enough. However, for best performance you will want a push/pull configuration, and yes, you'll need a full four slim profile fans. I'd assume you'd want the same fans as what you have...if you can fit a full size and a slim profile together, I'd have the full size as your push and slim as your pull. Or, just get four slim profile fans and it doesn't matter.
  2. I currently have a Intel I5 2500k running 4.6ghz at 1.38v I am hoping I can push it to around 1.42v and get a 4.8-5ghz overclock. Depending on temps I might push it even further from there I am not sure if I wanna push it much further then that thought. I want the processor to last another year at least.
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