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Hello there guys, as the subject says, whenever im playing a game it just randomly minimizes every 10 minutes and i dont kow how. I formatted my computer recently and before that this never happened so it started when i formatted my pc. I have AVG as Antivirus and my Windows is Windows 8.1. Ive looked everywhere on the net for a solution but i dont seem to find any. Hopefully you guys have a solution for me. Thanks In Advance.
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    Some background program is initiating and stealing the PC's "focus" ..... might be a driver or background program.... bluetooth utility is common culprit. Open TaskManager.....look up what each process is and what it does .... eliminate them one by one till ya find the culprit.
  2. Okay thanks i will try and see what might be the cause and i cant really eliminate them cause it doesnt let me. gotta love windows 8
  3. I cant really find the cause to this problem tried everything already :/ no solution :/
  4. Try removing any adobe processes from your task manager. So far that seems to have fixed the problem for me.
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