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250GB SSD+HDD 5400RPM or 250+250GB SSD in RAID 0 without HDD or HDD 7200RPM without SSD

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January 3, 2014 8:54:27 PM

Hello,I 've read a lot this night about ssd and hdd ,but the thing is ,that I've ordered a lap top from USA ,which is still not send ,and I have time to cancel it today,if I can find out is it worth it.So the lap top which I've ordered is just with HDD 7200rpm ,no ssd ,8GB DDR3 RAM,but after that I saw the same model lap top,for a bit more money ,with 256 ssd and HDD 5400 RPM and 16 GB of RAM ! After a bit more,I saw again the same model,this time without any HDD ,but just with 256+256MB ssd in RAID0 and 8 GB of RAM .So my question is it worth it to cancel the first lap top which I'm waiting to be send and to pay a bit more ( like £200 more) to re-order the same model ,but with only ssd raid 0 or ssd+hdd ,but lower RPM .The main thing that I'm going to use the lap top for is games in my free time,and I can't buy a Desktop,because I dont have enough space in the room to share with my girlfriend.So,pls help me people,whats better to do ,which one is the best for games ?

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January 3, 2014 9:13:47 PM

If the laptop is mostly for games, 8GB of RAM is enough. 16GB would help if you use it for work, e.g. programming or databases or large videos, etc.

A single 7200 rpm HDD would be much slower than an SSD. If you have the $200 do spend it and get the SSD+5400 rpm combination. Store Windows and games on the SSD, movies and music on the HDD. That's the ideal combination IMO.

The idea with two SSDs in RAID 0 is less useful IMO, compared with 1 SSD+1 HDD. With two SSDs you end up with much less room for storage.

January 6, 2014 7:30:49 PM

Thank you! I've canceled the 1st lap top,and I've bought the other one with ssd and 1TB HDD :) ) ,waiting for it at the moment ;)