250GB SSD+HDD 5400RPM or 250+250GB SSD in RAID 0 without HDD or HDD 7200RPM without SSD

Hello,I 've read a lot this night about ssd and hdd ,but the thing is ,that I've ordered a lap top from USA ,which is still not send ,and I have time to cancel it today,if I can find out is it worth it.So the lap top which I've ordered is just with HDD 7200rpm ,no ssd ,8GB DDR3 RAM,but after that I saw the same model lap top,for a bit more money ,with 256 ssd and HDD 5400 RPM and 16 GB of RAM ! After a bit more,I saw again the same model,this time without any HDD ,but just with 256+256MB ssd in RAID0 and 8 GB of RAM .So my question is it worth it to cancel the first lap top which I'm waiting to be send and to pay a bit more ( like £200 more) to re-order the same model ,but with only ssd raid 0 or ssd+hdd ,but lower RPM .The main thing that I'm going to use the lap top for is games in my free time,and I can't buy a Desktop,because I dont have enough space in the room to share with my girlfriend.So,pls help me people,whats better to do ,which one is the best for games ?
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    If the laptop is mostly for games, 8GB of RAM is enough. 16GB would help if you use it for work, e.g. programming or databases or large videos, etc.

    A single 7200 rpm HDD would be much slower than an SSD. If you have the $200 do spend it and get the SSD+5400 rpm combination. Store Windows and games on the SSD, movies and music on the HDD. That's the ideal combination IMO.

    The idea with two SSDs in RAID 0 is less useful IMO, compared with 1 SSD+1 HDD. With two SSDs you end up with much less room for storage.
  2. Thank you! I've canceled the 1st lap top,and I've bought the other one with ssd and 1TB HDD :)) ,waiting for it at the moment ;)
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