Upgrade massively or build complete new Gaming PC's through the years?

I was wondering what was better. Building a new pc every 5-4 years or doing small to massive upgrade throughout its life?
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  1. normally a new pc since tech outdates so fast.

    updating it might cost less and keep you struggling along but a new pc every 5 is always the best performing
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    Build new because motherboards change. New features are added, updated and change over that 5 years. Plus graphics cards seem to follow that same trend. We haven't seen CPU's really make huge changes but they have come along way as well. Besides getting to build a new toy every so often is great.
  3. I agree!
  4. New builds would be better i guess if you make sure the cpu and gpu are not bottlenecking each other. You also have things like windows OS that is tied to your motherboard and having a powerful enough psu for certain graphic cards. With new builds you just make sure everything works well.
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