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Hello all, I am trying to figure out if there is a way to have two monitors split by a third monitor inbetween them. For example PC1 has 2 monitors M1 and M2 and PC2 has a single monitor MA. I would like to set them up so that the monitor from PC2 is inbetween the monitors from PC1. So like this: M1 MA M2.

I use synergy right now to move from one PC to the other so I am guessing it will involve something like that. Thanks to everyone who take the time to read all this.

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  1. I'm assuming you mean more than just having PC2 screen being physically in the middle of the others. Are you trying to set it up so both computers can interact with the screen or will it be permanently displaying something seperate from whats happening on PC1?
    Kind of need to know your intent with this setup.
  2. Sorry about that yes I am wanting to be able to move my mouse and key board from the monitor connected to PC2 to both monitors from PC1. I was thinking to hard about how to decribe the monitor set up that I spaced that.

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    So what your really trying to do is have your set of peripherals be able to switch between the two computers without needing to unplug cables and such?

    A KVM Switch should give you that functionality, plug your peripherals into that and plug it into the computers. Hit the button and it will change which way your keyboard/mouse signals are being sent.
    This one also allows you to switch monitor inputs, though thats only useful if you only had a single screen.
  4. I use synergy as an IP based KVM that allows me to move from one computer screen on PC1 to the computer screen on PC 2 but currently the two monitors from PC 1 are side by side and the monitor from PC2 is to the side of that. I am wanting to put the monitor from PC2 inbetween the monitors from PC1 but still beable to slide my mouse off of the monitor from PC2 to either side and have it move to the correct monitor on PC1.
  5. TBH I have no idea how to achieve that, this is the first I have heard of the concept of being able to fluidly transition mouse input across PC's based on the position of the cursor itself.
  6. Have you ever used a product like synergy before?
    This is what I use to move between computers without having to mess with a kvm.
  7. Cant say I have, have never needed multiple machines at the one desk, and if I did it would have just be a headless storage rig rather than something I would have to interact with.
  8. Fair enough, Ill just keep looking :)
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