Toshiba Satellite T230 - broken power button and hinges

I've been asked to repair a Toshiba Satellite T230. It looks like the initial problem was the hinges have been pulled off, with the hinge screws all lost, and I think a few of the screw holes / sheaths in the plastic clamshell have been broken off (screw holes in hinges do not line up to anything).

With the hinges failing, the connection from the power button has also been damaged. I'm having trouble working out how it should connect to the PC - I can pull the plastic panel holding the power button away, but see no connection. I think it should use a ribbon, but this is damaged and has no copper connections remaining.

So is this ribbon the correct answer? It looks like I need a new one, and to solder it onto the power button (there's a section under electrical tape at the back of the power button, including 4 contacts).

Where can I get a ribbon and how can I better secure the hinges? I may also need to get some screws :)
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  1. Hi
    I advise you to go in Toshiba Service Center.
    Broken hinge lead me to :
    - back LCD cover ( plastic ) - the hinge is skrewed on this one
    - hinge kit - left & right
    - front LCD cover - may get broke when the hinge does .....
    - power button kit - it may be a part of Control panel plastic ....

    Toshiba Satellite T230-XXXXX - the XXXXX are showing the exact part`s for you laptop so the Toshiba Service will tell for sure the part`s PN and price .....
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