Have I seated the cooler properly?Help Please!!!!1

Hey guys,just want to know whether my Hyper 412 Slim with dual fans has been seated properly.Here are my temps after an hour of BF3.FX 8350 is at stock settings with turbo core disabled.Anything abnormal in them?Thanks in advance for helping

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  1. Also I have used Cooler Master stock TIM
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    Those temperatures are a step better than what you might expect from a stock cooler.

    This may be due to the use of the stock gunk (TIM)


    It could also be due to improper fan setup. Do you know if you're running push-pull or push-push? Make certain your fans are working together not against eachother!

    Each fan should have a diagram embossed in the plastic as seen in the image:
  3. Although honestly those aren't bad temperatures, how high does it go after being under stress for a bit?

    I have a setup with an old Phenom II 965 that ran all the way up to the 90's Celsius and idled around what you're at-- and it's still kicking after 4 years...

    I think people worry too much when it comes to temperatures >:)
  4. Try not to worry about it, as long as you stick below the mid 90's you should be golden. And you have to take into consideration, AMD chips will run hot since they soak so much wattage.
  5. After running Prime 95 using the Large FFT Test it goes up to around 55 and even after enabling Turbo Core,its still at 55.If I manually overclock to 4.2ghz it gets to 58.Are these temps normal?
  6. It looks like the cooler doesn't have extremely cool low-ends but benefits by having exceptional high-end temperatures. You are golden man- those temps are great, worry not and enjoy! (I wish my temps were that good)
  7. Yeah, those are Crazy low temps! Sound like a Perfectly installed cooler & a good one too...

    (I try to keep my stock clocked CPU's below 70C under Prime95 and my OC's under 80C personally......)
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