stay with current cpu or upgrade cpu/motherboard?

Here is my system:

Core i7 860 2.8ghz
gtx 770
850 w psu

would upgrading to a i5 4760k and a z87 motherboard help game performance? I have a 120hz lcd and game at 1080p. Grid 2 does 75 fps om 1080p maxed settings. Would it do any better on a haswell cpu/motherboard? Thanks.
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  1. Go for the upgrade. It would help you very much in terms of performance :) 4760k is a beast in terms of mid grade pc :D Youll be very good. :D
  2. yes, but what kind of performance improvement in the benchmark will I get?
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    1 is fps. Because 770 goes well with a high end processor because it is a high end card. Next is the processing speed of your computer the 4670k is way above the 860. see this comparison.
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