Can someone recommend a CPU and GPU for this old LGA775 motherboard?

I have a friend than wants to upgrade his pc, he only plays league of legends and free mmorpgs and doesnt wanna spend that much, his budget is around 130 dlls
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  1. An upgrade is relative to what he has currently. What processor and GPU does he have?
  2. sorry forgot to tell, she has a Pentium4 524 (P) HT 3,06 GHz and integrated graphics from an ATI Radeon Xpress 200 chipset, but she wants to use the PCI express x16 her pc has.
  3. Clicked supplied link at it told me what processors the motherboard supported, very informative. The most powerful cpu it supports is a dual core Pentium D9** series. This is the dual core pentiums which predate the core2 series of processors which came out almost 8 years ago. I wouldn't put a core2 processor near that system as they needed bios revisions, higher base clock speeds and a revised power plant to power the core2 processors. Either way, you'd be looking at ebay, gumtree or another auction site to find a suitable processor for it.

    My advice would be to save a few more pennies and upgrade the whole system.
  4. Yeah I noticed that too, but to be honest since the info is ancient as the computer, I was hoping she could use some newer cpus that are still socket 775 if someone knew bios updates for that mobo were available, sometihing like this maybe:

    The reason im suggesting a cpu upgrade its because I guess if she just gets a nice video card, her processesor would bottle neck it anyway, but maybe im wrong.
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    Some quick research shows that this motherboard should support some of the lower end Core 2 Duo models (Core 2 Quad is not an option unfortunately) namely the Allendale variants which use an 800Mhz FSB. Some sites list that motherboard as supporting up to the E4400 which is below, but the later released E4700 might work as well

    I do not know if this is fully supported out of the box or if a firmware update is required. Might need to contact HP and ask them to be sure.

    The good news is that an E4400 is around $10 on Ebay and an E4700 is around $20. Both would be a substantial upgrade over an ancient P4 Prescott, but the E4700 would be best.

    As for the GPU, options there are far less constrained. PCIe is forwards and backwards compatible, so new technology is certainly an option. I would recommend a cheap AMD R7-250 or the slightly cheaper but hard to find in North America HD 7730
  6. thats really good news, $10 for a better processor would be awesome for her, and that would leave plenty of room for a nice video card, thanks for your answer
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