Cannot install Win7 64 on IntelliStation ZPro 6221

No matter what I do in Setup, the Win7-64 DVD is not recognised during boot. For a few seconds, just before it asks if I want to boot from CD, the drive light goes on, then off, THEN it asks the question (I touch any key), and after that never looks at the drive again. It continues to boot XP Pro. I have spent countless hours trying to figure out what might be wrong here, to no avail. I can run another DVD fine, just not the Win7-64 one, for some reason. Dual Xeons, SCSI drive, 8 GB.
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    If you go into the bios the settings, have a look to see what mode the interface is set to.
    If the mode is set to Sata, and you have an option to set it to AHCI mode do so.
    Save the settings and exit the bios.

    And it should boot the windows install dvd, and install to the hard drive.
    It may be the case that the interface mode selected is the cause of the problem.
    Not finding the boot loader on the disc.
    Or the fact of due to a sata, driver not pre installed.

    Ahci mode gets around this problem.

    Give it a try, let me know if it works.
  2. OK, how do I "go into the BIOS" ? This is an older machine, and SATA wasn't invented then. It has both SCSI and IDE drives.
  3. I appreciate the prompt response, but I have no idea how to "go into the BIOS". I CAN get into Setup, but there is nothing there that sounds like what you describe. The 6221 Hardware Maintenance Manual lists a site where I could get a BIOS update, but it redirects to a Lenovo site, which does not accept the Z Pro as a legitimate model. So I cannot even get a BIOS update.
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