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Hey guys just wondering about something that has been bothering me a bit lately. I replace my ASUS P8p67 Pro mobo after it had some issues. I have an i7 2600 non k at stock speeds that was in that board. I replaced the board with an ASUS P8z77- v board and put my i7 2600 in there. After doing some reading I realize that the Sandy Bridge CPU's are limited to PCIe 2.0 so that alarmed me a bit because currently I am running a GTX 660 TI but want to go with GTX 780. People on the internet are claiming at stock speeds that 2600 will hold back a GTX 780 with 3.4 ghz sandy and PCIe 2.0. I am now wondering if I should replace the entire build with a Haswell 4770 build however I just feel like 2 years is way too fast for a $300 cpu to be crap. If thats the case I may as well stop pc gaming lol. Thanks for the advise guys!
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  1. I have that CPU too. 780 will not be limited by anything. Buy and play. 2600 can run at max 4.2Ghz.Raise the multiplier from BIOS and is donne.PCIE 2.0 don't limit the 780.
  2. So I know I bought the Z77 which is for overclocking and I probably shouldn't have but I have a weird thing about overclocking and would rather keep it stock, if I kept it at stock would the 2600 still be good with 780?
  3. Yes because have a 3.8Ghz boost from 3.4Ghz stock.
  4. While you could get performance from a better CPU, an i7 2600 with a GTX 780, even running @ PCI-E 2.0 x16 specifications wouldn't result in particularly poor performance. Most of your games should play fine, even at 2560 x 1440 resolution.
  5. Yeah, you might loose a few (like 5%) FPS but that won't be till you get your SECOND GTX780....

    Hey, I'm running two systems on "ancient" i7-930 (3Ghz) & i7-950 (3.2Ghz). I just now found I'm "Loosing" about 5% FPS in games if I don't OC 'em to 3.8Ghz, but only when I upgraded to CrossFire R9 280X and GTX690 w/GTX 460 dedicated PhysX respectively. Before that with SINGLE GPUs absolutely no difference in any game stock vs OC.....
  6. ok thanks guys, with all this being said, to sum it up if I keep my setup like it is but upgrade the gpu to a 780 and buy an ssd, will I see a jump in performance? In terms of FPS, what would be the performance loss for a i7 2600 stock with gtx 780 vs i7 4770 with gtx 780?
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    Like I said, maybe 5%. With ONLY one (1) GTX780, maybe Less....

    On the SSD front, won't gain any FPS with that. Will improve level loading by a few seconds and shave some time of cold boots of the system (if you ever completely turn your system off as opposed to just "Sleep"....)

    If you bump your system RAM up to 16Mb you'll see some improvement in some games. And, you'll see Incredibly fast "reloads" of a level in any game (as it will already be in RAM and that's faster than any SSD could RE-load a level....). Of course, no amount of RAM will speed up you very 1st load of a new level.....
  8. ok cool thanks guys
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