I have Processor AMD Phenom II x2 560 and 4 GB Ram and I have Gigabyte board which has graphics card Radeon 3000. Can i play N

When I am trying to play Nfs Rival it showing me the message like D3D creation Problem. please give me the solution
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  1. Get a HD 7790
  2. means it doesnt support the gpu or the direct x driver isnt installed.
    run the direct x installer that comes on the disk. it should fix the issue. if it doesnt it likely means your gpu isnt supported (not unusual for e.a games)
    i would suggest you add a little money to your pot and buy a decent gpu a 7770 is a great budget card and shouldnt bottleneck your slightly underpowered cpu.
  3. Post a screenshot of the message.

    DirectX 11 is recommended for NFS Rivals; your card only supports up to DirectX 10.
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    doesnt matter if his card is dx10 the game supports dx10. minimum requirements so there should be no direct x issues unless it hasnt installed properly.
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