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So, whenever I play Battlefield 4 on the task manager it says 60% usage but the overall one says 94% cpu usage. WTH is this? does any one know how to fix this?

My PC specs
AMD A8-5500K APU
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  1. If you look at the list, you have a ton of other programs using 1-10% aside from BF's 60%. Total CPU usage is the sum of all those.
  2. Microprocessors are discrete devices. They are either on and working, or they are off and not working (either physically powered down, in a low power state, or held in reset). When a microprocessor is in a running state it must be doing something, even when it is idle. This may sound somewhat contradictory, but operating systems contain what's known as an idle process (in window's it's called the System Idle Process, and is usually hidden in Task Manager).

    When no other tasks require CPU time, Windows will simply fall back to the idle process and enter an appropriate low power state if possible to reduce power consumption. A CPU can only clock itself so low, and at least one core must be awake when the PC is on, so even a very idle CPU must still spend time doing nothing by burning through idle loops.

    Windows measures CPU time as the fraction of time over an interval that the microprocessor spends working on tasks other than the system idle process. That image that you posted shows that over the polling period (which I think is around 1 second), the CPU spent 94% of the time interval working on useful tasks and 6% of the time working idling (either because no task needed the CPU, or because all tasks were blocked waiting for IO operations to complete). Of the 94%, 62.6% was spent in the Battlefield 4 task, 5.2% was spent in some audio program, 8% was spent in an anti-malware thread and so on. Combined these will all add up to the 94% mentioned, and adding 6% in the idle process accounts for 100% of the CPU's real time.

    If you want BF4 to perform better, get rid of all the crap on your system. This includes that monitoring software that you have running, your anti-malware software, and anything else that isn't absolutely essential.
  3. This is where Task Manager is a little tricky! The CPU usage will likely be a lot lower when Task Manager is not open, because it requires a lot of CPU for what it does...

    But to hit the core of the problem, your processor is not exactly what Battlefield 4 requires to run at high settings. The high CPU usage is due to the game demanding more power than what your processor can give.

    Try turning down Effects quality a bit and check back with us.

    What are your settings at in-game?
  4. My In game settings
    Texture quality-Mid
    Texture Filtering-Mid
    Lighting Quality- Low
    Effects quality- Low
    Post Process Quality- Mid
    Mesh Quality- High
    Terrain Decoration- Mid
    Terrain Quality- Mid
    Antialiasing Deferred- 2xMSAA
    Antialiasing post- Low
    Ambient Occlusion- off

    As pinnhead said to improve bf4 performance i had to disable all the anti-malware and monitoring software. Can you tell me which program to disable from the image, btw those 3 background process are the CPU killer, should i disable them ?
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    If you drop your Antialiasing Deferred to "OFF" and Antialiasing Post to "OFF" you can probably turn on Ambient Occlusion (HBAO) and it will look way better than flat AA.

    Other than that, yeah just go around killing processes willy-nilly, go ahead. Worst that can go wrong is the PC shuts down and you end up turning her back on.
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