cpu vs gpu for a multi-purpose rig

Hey guys,

Building a new rig from scratch and my main concern is where should the money go: cpu or gpu?

I got no specific use. I play games (Path of Exile and mainly old school games, no where near crysis 3 or what ever..),
I plan on doing basic CAD (forniture mainly), and watch some full hd movies (on a 21"-23" displays), office work, and multitasking.

Basicly I'm having some hard time choosing between intel core i5 4670 with a gtx 780, and a core i7 4770 with a gtx 770.

What do you guys think?

Thanks for help!

I don't plan on over clocking.
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    Go for the i7 all day. Graphics cards out-date eachother far more often than processors do, and you can always save for a better card. The GTX 770 is honestly overkill for Path of Exile, so is the i7 :) But I won't tell you what to do with your cash, unless you want me to.
  2. You should buy a intel i7 with a Nvidia 770.

    You should try not to skimp your CPU as it is one of the most fundamental part of your PC.

    Anyways the Nvidia 770 is a very good card already
  3. I'll just hint that you can play Path of Exile and do CAD, watch HD movies on a 400 dollar computer.
  4. Cad go for the i7. Better at rendering and stuff along those llines. Gtx 770 is going to be good enough to play any game out right now at 60 fps. Cant go wrong
  5. Thanks for the advice guys!!

    Going to post the complete build soon for any thoughts you guys might have.

    Another matter is which gtx 770 should i go for? Thinking about the msi 4gb gaming or 2gb lightning. Any thoughts?
  6. The MSI Geforce 770 Lightning is the best choice.
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