Computer keeps restarting after turning on, POST not reached.

I did all the troubleshooting I know. First, I reseat all the parts i ran the whole system without GPU, still did not work. I used the paper clip method, all fans are working i am using fan controller so the PSU is not the problem, I even checked the voltages of the wires using multi tester and everything is working fine. I even reset CMOS, still did not work. I even remove RAM, and no beep sound so i suspect it is CPU or MOBO. Please help. This is one month old. Here is the video

My specs:

i5 4670k
gigabyte z87x ud3h
seasonic m12II 750w
crucial ballistix 1866mhz 2x4gb
asus r9 280x
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  1. you may check the cpu scocket to see if you have bent pins this seems to be easy to do during the install of the chip on these intel boards
  2. I just reseated the heatsink a while ago. No bent pins and I am using the computer for a month now before this happened.
  3. ok so there are no error beeps and it gets to were it goes to load windows and stops or it fails before you can get into the bios ? if you can get into the bios i would go back like you said with 1 stick of ram no vid card no hdrive no opt drive enter bios make sure things are in order there recheck your hd settings like if the drive was set up for ahci and the sata is showing it set at ide [this must be correct for the hd to boot] or whatever you loaded windows on . save and restart now with the hd hooked up go check if if it there as first boot device then if so exit and see if it will go to desktop...
  4. I am not reaching BIOS. No beep sounds. Please watch the video.
  5. cant claims i dont have flash [witch fully updated 2 days ago] and my internet is not going to let me load and play it [56k]
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    i assume that that board has a system soeaker or the header for one right? i just asking due to giga has remover that from some of there board leaving no way to trouble shoot issues no beeps no leds no nothing and he was like were you are ...
  7. well, any luck or updates? one thing i did not ask was if you switched the bios to the 2ed one to see ? if its not eaven got a display with just the onboard graphics thats not good but i assume that you also checked the monitor and the cord and if you use dvi or vga look over the pins in the plug to see if one broke off or loose and falling out ??
  8. Hi. I brought the cpu and mobo to the computer shop and the cpu is the suspect. Thank you for the time.
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