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Hey guys, I was wondering if a side panel fan was worth it so i did a test. with my Antec Nine Hundred I put just a regular house fan up to it and and ran Unigine Heaven twice it reaches 77c tops. I took it away and ran it two more times and got 75c tops?? but I started to look at my cpu temps and with the fan the top at any cpu core never hit 50 without the fan it hit 52 tops. How would it cool off my cpu but make my gpu hotter?

System is
AsRock Pro 3 - mb
4x4 1600 g.skill - ram
i5 3570k ivy bridge 4.3ghz - cpu
cooler master hyper 212 evo - cpu fan
gtx 770 1166mhz gpu clock - 1296mhz max boost/2003 mhz memory - gpu
650 antec - psu
Antec Nine Hundred - case
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    The 212 Cooler has a large heatsink that never gets much airflow on it's very top fins, the direct air from the fan must have demonstrated that change.

    As for the graphics card...

    Logically GPU fans depend on steady air pressure in the case. Just like blowing into an empty soda bottle, you get air coming out as fast as you blow in. The fans on the GPU probably couldn't grab enough pressure to fully immerse it's heatsink.

    That decorative shroud around each graphics card is actually not for looks, it directs airflow out the back of the case in a straight line. I am assuming there was just too much air pushing around in the case, rather than in the intended design by the case engineers.
  2. fair enough thanks :)
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