Gaming Build Pc, 730$ or 40,000 rupees approx.

Hey guys,
I want a good gaming pc, so that i can game and work on, and do some stuff that will need high memory, and a good graphics card so that i wont have to upgrade for atleast a year, 1TB memory atleast(additional cost) and a Dvd/blu ray drvie, Approx. cost for build should be around 730$ or 40,000 rupees. Storage additional cost. is my most used online service..
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  1. You can buy 4gb x 2 RAM corsair vengeance !!!
  2. Hope u don't oveclock !! else you may need a cooler !!!
  3. hey man, shouldnt i need a 2gb Graphics card?
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  5. 2 Gb is just a marketing thingy !! 1 GB DDR5 is more than enough for all latest games it just depends on your GPU Shaders etc .
  6. ninjajoe said:
    Hope u don't oveclock !! else you may need a cooler !!!

    Thanks for the advice man :) should i be buying a separate cooling fan or is it enough if i get a cabinet with one??
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