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I have a query about my cpu always flicker/goes black randomly after windows logo, it doesn't seem to affect the system because i can still click and load up my desktop its just annoying seeing my monitor like partying itself, monitor is ok as tested w/ other cpu and only occurs during the windows logo, during safe mode it doesn't, i am using the built in/intergrated card w/ radeon 7540D, i am using an APU chip = a6-5400k, it seems that it has something to do w/ the resolution, i tried removing the amd vision and my monitor only flickers for a bit like once every 30 mins, im just not sure whether this is normal from an integrated chip or a windows 7 issue.
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  1. Open up a command prompt and type "msconfig"
    this opens "System Configuration"

    There will be 5 tabs in a window labeled "General" "Boot" "Services" "Startup" "Tools"

    Select the "Boot" tab and in the bottom half of the window there will be several check boxes.

    Place a check in the "No GUI boot" box...

    There you go! It will no longer stall at the Windows logo and your PC may even boot faster!
  2. If you have trouble finding the Command Prompt try searching in the search bar (sorry if you're keen on this, it is best to assume you didn't know how to.)
  3. thanks nacho but it didn't work, i've found a solution though, i updated the bios and it fixed itself.
  4. Updated the bios to the latest
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