memory speed is 1066mhz, but my ram is 1333mhz

my motherboraed (p8h61-mx) support 1333mhz frequency, and in my pc is plugged 2x4gb ram 1333mhz but in BIOS says that the memory speed is 1066mhz. So i try to change that and set to 1333, press f10 to save and exit...and on start up it say Overclocking failed! and i have to return to 1066. Im not some PC expert, but where I made a mistake?? help
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  1. What is your processor model? The memory controller on the processor needs to matchup with the motherboard which also must match the RAM frequency.
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    Your CPU doesn't support 1333MHz RAM, so it under clocks the RAM to 1066MHz, nothing to worry about.
  3. my cpu is intel pentium g620 2.60 ghz.

  4. i found this picture, and its say that my cpu support 1333 dd3 memory type, im confused now.
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