refresh rate problems

so i just got the nvidia 650 ti boost
i have the lg 19en33
my screen resolution is 1366 x 768 (if i turn it up i will get d-sub out of range)
and since i started using this card i can't play most of the games i have because is says d-sub out of range
people say i need to change my refresh rate, mine is now at 60 and if i try to turn it up to 75 the screen will be all pixelated, more than 75 and i will get that note again
another said i should turn down the resolution of my games
and since i have nvidia gefoce xperience , i used it to turn them down a bit and it all worked fine
but i still dont know what to do with other programs and games that nvidia gefoce xperience can't seem to find
please help
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    D-sub out of range is usually an error indicative of displaying a resolution or refresh rate the monitor is not capable of reaching. The LG 19EN33 is only capable of 1366 x 768, so if you go higher than that, that's most likely what's causing your D-Sub out of range error. Check and make sure that none of your games are trying to run at 1080p. For games you can't alter using GeForce Experience, try googling the game to find it's config file to manually set the resolution.
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