What 500W PSU should I go for?

Hey Guys! I am building a new PC very soon and need a helping hand choosing a 500w PSU. It must be under £45 as I am on a budget and must also provide 2 PCIe Connectors in order to power my GTX660 linked below. I don't mind if the PSU is modular or not although of course it would be nice to have a modular one so I don't get lost in the world of cables! Thanks.

GPU: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Gigabyte-NVIDIA-GTX660-PCI-E-Graphics/dp/B0099AOAUI/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1388188609&sr=8-3&keywords=nvidia+geforce+gtx+660ti

Thanks for the help. ;-)
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  1. Go with EVGA 500W. Unfortunately for that money i haven't found any modular PSUs. If you won't overclock this power will be enough (with GTX600). If you decide to OC, you might want to go for a 600W+


    Edit: Or maybe a bit better alternative Corsairs CX500
  2. The EVGA suggested is a pretty good choice too, I was just going for a bit of headroom incase you eventually upgraded to something that needs a bit more power so you won't have to buy a whole new PSU, which is the situation I am in atm

    My bad on forgetting the budget you had in mind, at that price the EVGA is probably about the best you can get
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